Our ingredients


Some ingredients in our recipes are fairtrade, like the coffee we use in our delectable cold brew yogurt. At LeGrand, we value the careful work put behind what we use in products and the workers and farmers behind. We enjoy meeting with the farmers and visiting their cultures to ensure that we bring the freshest ingredients to your table.

Conscious and traceable sourcing

All of our ingredients are carefully selected by our founders for their quality and nutrient value and most of them are sourced from non-GMO suppliers.

Organic is the way to go

The vast majority of our products are made from organic ingredients, all certified by ECOCERT for Canada and the USDA for the United States.

All the goods, without GMO’s

In the absence of credible independent long-term studies, the health and environmental safety of GMOs is unknown. Because we are strongly convinced that the quality of our diet has a direct impact on our health, we only pick the best ingredients full of flavors.

Gluten free

All of our products are gluten free. We are in a gluten-free facility in which we do not make anything with gluten.

Fermentation & Live cultures

We use cultures that are vegan and do not contain any animal products to ferment our cheeses, yogurts, pestos and butters. These cultures come from bacterias that eat sugar and proteins from a source. Our fermentation process fills your gut with good balancing bacteria and the ones that come from food are much more diverse and naturally balanced than the store bought ones. The cherry on top? The slow maturation of fermentation reveals other layers of subtle flavors giving LeGrand’s products unforgettable taste and benefits.

Vegan ingredients and products

Every ingredient and product is carefully scrutinized to ensure that it is free of animal products.

We set our own standard of flavour

Bold, creative and trend-setting, our plant-based products go the extra mile to transcend the power of plants in every bite.

Quality before quantity

At LeGrand, we settle for nothing less than the highest quality of ingredients sourced from the best of the best producers around the world. It is our job and experience to monitor every ingredient that enters into our products and to make sure that they respect a long list of key features to ensure we keep the same quality all the time. Our R&D team checks all ingredients and all new ingredients have to be approved by our co-founder Bernard Le Grand.

Wholesome ingredients

We believe that in order to fuel our body properly, all ingredients in our recipes should come in its purest form. No preservatives, no additives, no so called natural flavours – food and labels are containing only the simplest ingredients that all can easily read and understand.

Gums, thickeners and natural flavors

Our products do not contain any gums or thickening compounds. We use rice and agar-agar, to give our products rich, velvety texture. Agar-agar is a dried algae treated to obtain a neutral taste. Despite the fact that it contains small amounts of minerals, it does offer 80% of fiber. The organic rice we have selected is whole grain so it contains all the value (minerals, vitamins, fiber) naturally present in this most popular cereal in the world. Combining whole rice and agar-agar algae gives our yogurts a lighter texture which helps convey the fine and subtle flavors of our ingredients. It is this absence of gums that prevents our products from using “natural flavors’’ and other vegan flavors.

On products

Do your products contain MCTs (Medium-Chain Triglycerides)?

Yes. Some products containing coconut oil or cream or cashews have a good amount of MCTs. MCT is a fatty acid shown to improve cognitive and digestive health, boost exercise performance and lower the risk of diabetes.

Do you make any products without sugar?

Yes, we make an unsweetened yogurt with no added sugar. Also, all our cheeses, pestos, butters and soups are sugar free.

Product Ingredients & Nutritional Information

All of our ingredients and nutritional information are already available to you on the “Products” page of the website.

Will your products contain added vitamins and minerals?

We believe that a well balanced and diversified plant-based diet is one of the best ways to stay in good health. We do not need to add artificial vitamins and minerals to our products to enhance their natural benefit for the digestive system. Each individual has a specific need for its own ecosystem; that’s why we believe it’s a need that is not up to the manufacturers to address.

Our health commitment


We have experienced everyday of our life the benefits of a whole food plant based diet, not only to protect our health, but to enjoy a vibrant energy throughout the day. We have raised our family with that conviction and our kids (now young adults) are also living in that healthy energy. So, we are committed to share that vision through our products and give our consumers the vibrants products they deserve.

Our environmental commitment

Are your plastic tubs free of BPAs?

All plastics that are used to package our products are free of BPAs.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our yogurts, butter, cheeses, soups tubs and the lids of our pesto are all recyclable. We fully encourage our customers to reuse and revalorize their empty tubs after usage before throwing them in the recycling bin. Here are a few examples on how to reuse our empty containers: containers for lunches and snacks, sprouting pots to start your own in-house garden, reusable containers for makeup and jewelry (get creative and decorate!), etc.

Our packaging, a key element of the best quality we set to offer

La crème de la crème of our products is more than a tagline, it is a pledge to the quality of our products. Our fermentation techniques and the quality of our premium ingredients make our products truly unique. This requires a very specific type of protection, which means that the packaging must be carefully and thoughtfully selected. This special effort in packaging allows us to offer a product with a longer shelf life without any added preservatives.

Why is a plant-based diet good for the environment?

In 2015 the dairy industry’s emissions made up more than 1,700 million tonnes of CO2. That places dairy’s contribution to a similar level to aviation and shipping combined! Consumers modifying their eating habits has a huge positive impact on the environment. At LeGrand, we are passionate about making products that are healthy for you and the environment!

We strongly support individual missions of our consumers

We believe that food is more than nutrients, it’s a statement. Including more plant-based products into your diet is not only good for you, but for the planet. We are aware that some human activities worldwide lead to a negative impact on our environment and our planet. These days, protecting the environment has become a key priority for many of us, including us at LeGrand. We choose to focus our mission on the protection of the delicate ecosystem that we all have: our digestive system. In our opinion, better health means better care for our planet.

Will Le Grand products be wrapped in compostable material in the years to come?

Such packaging alternatives are currently very limited, but we hope to discover some that will allow us to offer a sustainable product that is safe for the human body and the environment.

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